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OSCAR WORKSTATION Details Information



 Since 1988 HOSPITAL DEVICES is manufacturing Anaesthesia delivery systems with highest level of patient safety and high reputation for reliability of product and service. Hospital Devices believe that the quality of patient care must never be compromised by integrity of anaesthesia delivery system at any cost.


We have now developed an indigenous workstation “OSCAR” having inbuilt ventilator with all the mandatory and essential safety features.





Structure - Rigid structure electro statically powder coated.

Storage space - Three spacious drawers provided for storage of Anaesthesia accessories, equipments, etc.

Monitor shelf - Large monitor shelf at eye level provided.

Cylinder yokes - Gas specific pin indexed yokes for holding 2nos O2 and 1nos N2O cylinders of 5Ltr water capacity.                                            

Hypoxia Guard It ensures that 25% Oxygen is always maintained in breathing circuit/ gas mixture.

Rotameter Three tube rotameter for O2, N2O and Air (5 tube cascade type optional).

NRV It minimizes risk of back flow & blows off when pressure exceeds 125 Cm H2O.

Regulators Separate regulators for each pin indexed yoke (2 Nos. O2 and 1 Nos. N20).

Second Stage Reg. Second stage regulator provided for better safety and stability of the system.

Oxygen Flush - Oxygen Flush provided for emergency oxygen (35-40 ltr./min).

OFWD Self activated audio warning device to indicate O2 pressure drop below 2.5 bar.

Nitrous cutoff It ensures N2O cutoff if Oxygen supply falls below 2.5 bar.

Common Gas Outlet  Conveniently located CGO with ISO Standard tapers of 22mm & 15mm.

Pipeline Gas Inlets Non-Interchangeable Quick connection pipeline inlets one each for O2, N2O and Air.

Pressure Gauges Large Diameter, Colour coded gauges fitted for better visibility and clarity (One each for pin indexed yokes and corresponding gas inlet)

Selectatec Manifold Twin Selectatec Type Manifold / block for mounting vaporisers.

Table top - Stainless Steel Table Top for writing and keeping medicines.

Anaesthesia Ventilator- Inbuilt / Integrated anaesthesia ventilator.

Close Circuit - Close Circuit / Circle Absorber single canister (Twin canister Optional).

Changeover Unit Easy changeover from open to close circuit.



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