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Oscar vaporizers deliver practical accuracy, cost-effect, durability, stability and security for using. The design of Oscar vaporizer is result of extensive research combined with functionality and ergonomics. The Oscar vaporizers are agent specific and designed to provide consistent output throughout the clinical range (0.5lpm – 15lpm). Oscar vaporizers are available for Halothane, Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.  

The Oscar vaporizers are intended for use in the fresh gas supply of a continuous flow of anaesthesia machine. The Oscar vaporizers are available in selectatec mounting hence making it compatible to all anaesthesia machines. These vaporizers have interlock system to avoid simultaneous use of two vaporizers unexpectedly.



Dial control        :      0-5 vol% ( Isoflourane and Halothane )

0-8 vol% ( Sevoflourane )

Filler option :           Screw fill / Pour fill type, Quick fill and Key Filler

Mounting                   :           Selectec type / cagemount type

Weight            :           6.8 kg approx.

Dimension          :           110 x 215 x 230 (W x D x H) in mm.


Charged                      :           225ml of anaesthetic agent

Charging                     :           300ml to charge dry vaporizers

Retention                    :           75ml retained by wick system

 Normal Working Condition

Gas flow rate             :           0.5 – 15 lpm

Temperature            :           15 – 35 0C

Operation altitude    :           Max. 8000ft


The Isoflurane and Halothane are calibrated to 5% v/v in steps of 0.2% up to 1%,

and in steps of 0.5% between 1% to 5% at 21°C using O2 at 5 L/min as the carrier gas.

The Sevoflurane is calibrated to 8% v/v in steps of 0.2 and up to 1%v/v and in

steps of 1% between 1% and 8% at 21°C using O2 at 5 L/min as the carrier gas.

Accuracy:        5 L/min O2 @ 21°C ± 2°C:

Vaporizer 5%  : ±0.25% of delivered agent or ±15% of dial setting (whichever is greater)

Vaporizer 8%  : ±0.4% of delivered agent or ±15% of dial setting (whichever is greater)


Warranted to be free from functional defects in materials and workmanship for a period

of two years from the date of original delivery.


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