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Hospital Devices has developed very compact portable Anaesthesia apparatus to fulfill the needs of the practicing anaesthetists.It can easily be assembled in less than two minutes.Anaesthesia portable also fulfills the needs of minor operation theaters, X-RAY departments and casualty block of hospital to great extent.




HOSPITAL DEVICES One Of The Best Manufactures And Markets A Wide Range Of Medical Equipment For NURSING HOMES & Hospital Use . Ultimate

-Vivek Gupta/ Dealer of North Medico Zone

Hospital Devices India Is One Of The Best Provider Of Anesthesia Machines, Anesthesia Workstation, Ventilators , Vaporizer For Halothane Great Quality Great Product

-Manish Sinha/ CEO of Adword Tycoons

Hospital Devices Is A Place Were You Can Get Complete Anaesthesia Solution For Your Hospital ...

-Alimuddin Siddiqui/ of Mak Soft