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Anaesthesia Major - PC /

Anaesthesia Major - PC Details Information

Anaesthesia Major - PC (Major - PC)

    Weight :- 58 kg

The Anesthesia Major meets with the safety Features recommended by the international standards organization. 
Long Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide flow meter tubes accurately calibrated. Oxygen flow is received downstream of other Gas, being the preferred Gas. 

Incorporate one vaporizer Halothane.

Two pairs of Yokes with Regulators & Gauges Colors coded for Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. 
To minimize backflow of Gases non-return cum pressure relief valve is provided

Emergency Oxygen flush button cum outlet at table level.




Square tubular electro statically Powder coated steel sections.

Table Top

Stainless Steel.


Extra large one storage Drawer.

Cylinder Yokes

Pin-Indexed gas specific dual Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Yokes.


For higher efficiency and reliability two each for oxygen and Nitrous Oxide.

Nitrous cut-off

Nitrous cut-off system is provided .

Oxygen failure warning device

 Pneumatic device which activates audible alarm when Oxygen supply Pressure   falls 215 kpa.


Antisatatic colour coaded non inter changeable Long rotating bobbin flow meters accurately calibrated. 
Oxygen  -      100 ml / min. to 10 Litres/min.
Nitrous Oxide-100 ml / min to12 Litres/min. 
Oxygen flow control is on left side of flowmeter as it is Preferred Gas.


One Halothane vaporiser supplied as standard.

Non-return cum Pressure relief Valve

To minimises risk of backflow of gases, non return value provided

Emergency Oxygen

Oxygen flush button with Out-let at table level 4.22 kPa x 100


One Schrader type self sealing oxygen out-let for ventilator/flowmeter can be used as pipe line inlet Extended rear platform for two 10 liter capacity cylinder,Circle  absorber can be securedly Mounted on the left side of the main frame.

Breathing Attachment

Standard magill's circuit.


Antisatatic Large diameter caster wheels with ball bearings. Front Casters   have brakes.

Change over

lever system provided for change over from open to close circuit and vise versa.


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