Anaesthesia Ventilator

Anaesthesia Ventilator
Anaesthesia Ventilator
Product Code: Anaesthesia Ventilator
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  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Volume and Time Control
  • Adult Pediatric Compatible
  • Battery Backup
  • LCD Display
  • Pressure Monitoring

HOSPIVEN 1000 Anaesthesia Ventilator Manufacturer Offers Anaesthetists an advanced feature of Microprocessor controlled electronics and sophisticated pneumatics to provide controlled and monitored ventilation designed for enhanced performance and safety function to help Anaesthetists to operate patients.


Standard Accessories :

One Bain’s/ Magill Circuit, Key spannerfor A type Cylinders, face mask for Adult & Pediatric.

Opetional *:

  • Calibrated vaporizers: halothane/ Isoflurane vaporizers are agent specific, colour coded, selectatecor cage mount, temperature, flow & pressure compensated with calibration (in different models).
  • Uncalibrated vaporizers: Either/ Halothane vaporizers are supplied on demand.
  • Oxygen ration controller/Hypoxia guard: To prevent administering less than 25% Oxy in patient circuit.
  • Circle Absorber: Single/ double chamber as required.
  • Brain Circuit (adult & paed): Extrsa rebreathing bag (antistatic) 0.5, 1, 1.5 liter.
  • Gas scavemging system: Provides active and passive waste/expired gas scavenging.
  • Flowmeters can be configured for 3 tube flowmeter (with air) or 5 tube Cascade for low flow.
  • Basic flow, cylinders, Bulck conversion units for O2 & N2O.
  • Laryngoscopes, Oxygen therapy equipments etc.
  • Anaesthesia Ventilator Machine.
  • Anaesthesia Systems are also available in stainless steel structure.


*Available at extra cost.

**Selectatec is a BOC trademark.

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