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Anaesthesia Portable machine is designed to meet needs of safety and reliability in the operation theatre. Several functions have been built in one unit. Basic function such as Gas Cylinder connections, Pressure Regulation, Flow control, Vaporizer ensuring anaesthesia gas mixture supply to patient are combined in the system. Other functional aspect such as emergency Oxygen supply is also incorporated in the machine.

Hospital Devices has developed very compact portable Anesthesia Machines to fulfill the needs of the practicing Anesthesia. It can be assembled in less than two minutes. Anesthesia portable also fills the needs of minor operation theaters, X-Ray departments and casualty block of hospital to great extent.


Anesthesia Portable frame is made of stainless steel sections, 230mm long rotating bobbin Flowmeter. Oxygen flow meter on the down-stream of Nitrous Oxide Gas flow. One Halothane Vaporiser combined with non-return valve cum emergency Oxygen control. One Bulk Conversation attachment for Oxygen cylinder and one Nitrous Oxide preset regulator for pin type cylinders alongwith standard magill’s circuit. The Entire unit is supplied in VIP carrying case.

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