Led 3 CT

Led 3 CT
Brand: Hospital Devices
Product Code: Led 3 CT
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Precise: Uniform, homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures LED Light shadow control.

Life of the Bukb More than 45000 hours: The Technomed LED Series offer an incredible long life of the bulbs more than 45000 hours.

Great Behave of Lamiar Flow: With the unique design of light weight and slim dome, our LED Light provides a very nice performance of laminar flow to the operation room.

Adjustable Colour Temperature: Throgh Digital Control Panel we can adjust colur temperature according to surgeon requirement.

Remote Controller:  We offer optional RF based remote controller to adjust the light intensity and colur temperature.



Intensity : 90,000 Lux

Size of light field : 12-30cm

Colour Temp.: 4800K

Colour Reduction Index : 90

LED Life : >45,000Hrs.

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